Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Family Is Amazing

My wife has been so patient, helpful, and strong. She's put up with me being gone; a kid needing a home for a couple nights; minstry stuff that takes me away from her last minute; and she is a fantastic mom.

Jonathan is starting to say lots of words - or kind of say them. Yellow = weh-woh. He is passionate and has strong ideas about stuff. He pretend cried today - it was so cute. He loves guitar. He was a total daddy's boy, but now wants mom sometimes instead of dad. He knows about the Vikings - and when he wants to wear Vikings clothes - he raises both hands and shakes them and says - wo - wo (go go, I think).

Elise - she is as cute as a button. She is a mother-hen - which Jonathan doesn't always like. She loves to sing (her top request is "Holy, Holy, Holy") and is so passionate that she often gets in trouble for talking to loudly. She is all girl, but does end up rough-housing with the boys. She loves lotion and lipstick and her many purses and dolls

Benjamin is excelling at school and is a good leader. He continues to love playing piano (chording). He does well at sports and loves to watch them with his dad (especially the NFL - go Vikings). He is a great big brother. He plays with his football guys all the time.

I'm getting ready to coach U6 soccer (Benjamin, our Pastor's daughter, and 2 others) which is always fun. We're getting ready for our summer mission's trip to Rosebud, SD for the 6th summer. We have a busy summer - lots of weddings (and we won't be able to make about half of them - sorry friends). We're also looking forward to some vacations (if you haven't checked out vrbo - you gotta do it). I am slowly working on my licensure paper.

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